Flowey when you have dodged it's pellets too much or touched them. Flowey the Flower is one of the main antagonists of the critically acclaimed Indie game, Undertale. Flowey is, despite of his innocent appearance, an sadist that believes that the world only follows four words, "Kill or be Killed." In CutieHappy`s world however, he is the exact polar opposite.


Flowey the Flower is in his Debut portrayed as an remorseless, manipulative (and somewhat cowardly) sadist. Flowey has lost his SOUL in an event long ago, which led to him having no remorse for his actions whatsoever. In CutieHappy`s world he is much nicer and less sadistic,but still retaining pieces of his personality. He now owns an flower garden, albeit easily frusturated that residents of Cute-tropolis keep trampling over them. But CutieHappy has made an announcement that there was security near his flower garden, all residents got shocked by this.


CutieHappy: At the past, both of them were sworn enemies, primarily due to the fact that Flowey threatened to destroy everyone she loved. Nowadays their relationship with one another is much better, while Cutie still distrusts him, she did stand up for him at certain points.