Sara is CutieHappy`s best friend and adviser, though she lacks courage, she does make it for intelligence.

Sara is infamous for starting an project known as "Plague." which involves the creation off the Sewer monsters (Including Phantom Mangle) and the poisoning of 30% off Cute-tropolis. She speaks in an CUTIE accent.


Sara is an very reserved person who is the advisor of CutieHappy, the queen off Cute-tropolis. Sara had an verery hard time trusting people after an project of hers, was betrayed and corrupted by an old friend of hers. She also severely regrets her involvement in project "Plague." As it nearly costed all the lives in Cute-tropolis and her friendship with CutieHappy. Sara also has an huge love for felines.


Sara`s appearance is very different as opposed to most residents from Cute-tropolis. While most residents have animal features, Sara looks more like an actual human than humanoid. She has long, blonde hair,brown eyes and frequently wears an blue robe werith an green emblem on it, including brown pants and shoes.


CutieHappy: An friend since childhood, Sara always felt alone without Cutie as she was her only friend at the time, though their friendship erererererwas severely damaged by the "Plague" project, which led most of the residents of Cute-tropolis to believe that Cutie was planning on poisoning the city with everyone in it, while it is unknown who was really the culprit of the event, most residents have agreed that Sara was the one who founded the project in the first place.

Flowey: For years Sara believed Flowey to be some monster that just killed for fun, until she found out the bitter truth about him and tried to help Flowey start a new leaf. (get it?) Sara has also tried to open up for Cutie and Flowey and become friends. It was successful, but if it stays for long is an unanswered question...


  • Sara is 17 and a half years old.
  • She is the only member of Cute-tropolis to not have any animal features.
  • Sara has admitted to the public tv that she is in fact a huge fan of Mettaton aswell as Cutiebot`s shows.
  • Unlike most members citizens of Cutetropolis which are born with Light or fire powers, Sara was born with the ability of Telekinesis, albeit only acitvated at the age of 12.